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3 Of Our Best Secrets Achieving Transitional Living Spaces

Our homes are continually undergoing inner transformations as our style changes. But now this dynamic “in between styles” has become a style in its own right.

The transitional interior design style is the ultimate mix between present and past favorites for classic and contemporary style. Therefore, if you’re an admirer of old and new styles but can’t choose between them, read on!

In the simplest sense, transitional style is a charming mix of both contemporary and traditional design elements.  It creates a slightly more inviting space without sacrificing any of the elegance and sophistication of the other styles.  It seamlessly blends curved and straight lines, textured and smooth finishes to create a timeless design that is equally masculine and feminine. Despite being a mesh of design styles, it’s not a chaotic mess.  Transitional style is orderly, clean and uncomplicated, creating an overall sense of uncluttered sophistication.

Here's our Top 3 ways to reach that classic transitional style:

  • Pick a neutral color scheme. Colors in a transitional style home follow that of the traditional style; grey, sand, and white. Neutral colors add to the stately traditional side of transitional interiors. However, bold dark colors, like midnight blue, charcoal and black are right on trend in more masculine transitional decorating style.

  • Add colorful accents. Don’t be put off by the traditional neutrals, because you can still have fun with colorful accessories. Add brightness with colorful curtains, scatters and décor pieces. Keep the 'anchor' pieces in a neutral color so you can change accessories as styles change.

  • Pick a Statement Piece. Search the attic because a striking piece of furniture or décor that is truly traditional can be the highlight of your transitional room. The item can be a dresser, mirror, table or anything that harks from a different era. We really like buffet tables used for entertainment consoles under a wall-mounted TV, and interesting sofa table, antique rug, or a ornate coffee table.

Here's some great (affordable) pieces we have found (if you are interested in any of the items, reach out and we'll provide purchasing details.

Need assistance with your transitional interior design in the Colorado Springs, CO area?

The road to a new interior is exciting but can certainly also be an overwhelming experience at times so getting some assistance from our interior decorating experts can help. Schedule a Free Interior Design Consultation today and we’ll be happy to guide you in your interior journey!

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