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modern interior decorating

Our Work

Through our holistic design lens, every client journey becomes a reawakening of discovery. We craft not just spaces, but experiences, molding them uniquely for you. In a realm of collaboration and ease, we ensure the final canvas is not just a room, but a reflection of YOU.



Elevated Living Room Elegance

The homeowners aimed to infuse warmth and casual elegance into the room's inherent formality. Through the strategic selection of resilient yet chic furnishings, and the imaginative play of shapes and hues, the space was reimagined to perfectly resonate with the family's lifestyle.


A Cabin Renewal for Vacation Bliss

Over the past few years, I've embarked on a passion project, breathing new life into a neglected '90s cabin. Operating on a modest budget, I've transformed this once-forgotten space into a lucrative vacation rental. By repurposing existing elements and infusing a contemporary, airy, and cozy cabin-lodge aesthetic, I've crafted a retreat that seamlessly marries the old with the new.


Modern Rebirth: Full House Transformation

With an eye for modern sensibilities, our goal was to transform this outdated space into a beacon of 21st-century design. This full-house remodel stripped away the remnants of the past, infusing each room with a sleek and sophisticated modernity while staying true to the home's structural essence. The journey was one of careful calibration, ensuring each element from the ambient-lit bedrooms to the bespoke, high-functioning kitchen embraced a minimalist chic yet exuded warmth and comfort.


Serenity Suite: A Tranquil Bedroom Retreat

When our client presented us with an image, stating, "This is what I want!", we rose to the challenge. Seamlessly blending diverse materials and textures with the client's cherished classic pieces, we curated a haven of luxury and serenity. 


A Modern Kitchen Transformation

we masterfully transformed this kitchen into a minimalist and modern yet captivating haven, weaving natural appeal through intricately layered decor elements. The culmination of our vision not only surpassed our clients' dreams but also established the space as a true design centerpiece.



Craftsman Revival: A Whole Home Transformation

Inheriting the quintessential charm of a classic craftsman home, the new homeowner aspired to integrate modern aesthetics throughout the entire house — from the living room, bedrooms, and dining area to the basement and entranceway. While aiming to infuse a contemporary spirit, we also took great care to repurpose cherished family furniture. The result is a holistic design that seamlessly marries the age-old allure of the home with the homeowner's present-day vision, crafting spaces that echo tales of both the past and the present.


Sleek Sophistication: A Culinary Oasis Redefined

The kitchen, once a relic of bygone design, has been masterfully reimagined into a modern culinary oasis that stands at the heart of the home. This extensive remodel stripped back dated elements to reveal a space where luxury meets practicality. Precision-engineered surfaces and state-of-the-art appliances merge with an intuitive layout, creating an environment that invites culinary exploration while facilitating effortless social gatherings.


Tranquil Retreat: Master Bathroom Elevation

In the master bathroom remodel, our vision was to cultivate a sanctuary of relaxation and refinement. The original space was transformed into an exquisite spa-like retreat that offers an immersive experience of luxury and tranquility. High-end finishes and sleek fixtures redefine the essence of the room, presenting a balance of elegance and ergonomic design.


Timeless Elegance: Refining Classic Kitchen 

Reimagining this kitchen, we intertwined aesthetics and functionality, delicately layering colors and textures to accentuate the home's classic charm. The finished space not only surpassed our clients' aspirations but has also emerged as the heart of the home - an authentic hub for entertainment and connection.

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