Cozy Living Room

Our Work

Our holistic approach to design allows us to engage each of our clients with a renewed sense of discovery, and create a unique experience tailored for them. We create an environment that is collaborative, comfortable, and enjoyable, so that you end up with a space that is perfect for YOU! 



Luxury Living Room

The owners of this space sought to soften the space's formality. This was done through the use of durable and stylish furnishings and the innovative use of form and color, which dramatically transformed the space to function correctly for this family. Pictures of finished space coming soon



Vacation Rental Cabin

A personal project I've been working for the last couple of years--turning a '90's forgotten cabin into a income generating vacation rental with a shoe string budget. I tried to reuse as much as possible but then brought in a modern, light, and comfortable cabin/lodge style.  



Classic Kitchen

This kitchen was completely redesigned to bring a beautiful and functional space that layers colors and textures to showcase the uniqueness of the classic home. The final result exceeded the clients’ expectations and has become a true entertaining area of the home.



 This client brought us a picture and said "I want this!" and that's what we provided. This concept blended materials and textures with client's classic pieces. The result is a place of luxury and tranquility. Pictures of finished space coming soon



Modern Kitchen

This venue was completely reimagined to create a minimal but breathtaking space that builds appeal and interest through layered decor elements. The final result exceeded the clients’ expectations and has become a design focal point.



Craftman Living Room

This classic craftsman style home is the epitome of charm however, after the new homeowner purchased it, she needed assistance in bringing in modern style and reusing the family's furniture. The final result is a very grown up space that shows the client's style balanced with the charm of the older home.


Revisioned Entranceway

This space used to be the home's dining room but due to a change in main door locations, needed to be revisioned as an entranceway.  After some much needed inspiration, the final space is a very welcoming and inviting space for the client's guests as well as a music space.