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The Essence of Modern Living: A Complete House Remodel by Amble & Awe Interiors

When Amble & Awe Interiors first set foot in what would soon become a breathtaking exhibit of modern design, the house felt like a relic of a bygone era. With its archaic archways and closed-off spaces, the home was in dire need of a transformation that would not only update its aesthetics but also enhance its functionality.

Before: The Dated Past

Before the transformation, the house was a labyrinth of walls and arches, with a kitchen and master bathroom that felt more like time capsules than rooms. The fireplace was lackluster, the windows did little to capture the surrounding beauty, and the living room did not do justice to its potential as a space for relaxation and enjoying the view.

The Transformation Process

Our vision at Amble & Awe Interiors was clear: strip the outdated elements and create a seamless flow that catered to modern sensibilities. We waved goodbye to the restrictive archways, opting instead for open, airy spaces that breathed new life into the structure.

The Heart of the Home: Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen underwent a complete metamorphosis. We replaced clunky cabinets with custom walnut and navy European frameless cabinets and old-fashioned appliances with sleek, modern units and high-tech solutions. The goal was to craft a kitchen that was not just a place to cook but a place to live and enjoy.

A Sanctuary Reborn: Master Bathroom

The master bathroom was transformed from a forgotten space into a spa-like retreat. Every tile and fixture was chosen to create an atmosphere of tranquility and modern luxury, culminating in a room that revitalizes and inspires.

Living Spaces Reimagined

We replaced all the windows, inviting natural light to grace every corner and cut new ones in the living room to frame the majestic Pikes Peak, turning what was once a wall-bound space into a scenic haven. The fireplace was refaced with contemporary materials, becoming a focal point that is as functional as it is beautiful.

After: A Modern Masterpiece

The result of our comprehensive remodel is a home that's not only modern and chic but functional and flowing. The once-dated interiors now shine with a minimalist elegance, each room transitioning seamlessly to the next, all while maintaining a cozy, inviting ambiance.

Every space within the house has been touched by Amble & Awe Interiors’ commitment to beauty and utility, ensuring that the homeowners can enjoy their newfound modernity for years to come.

We invite you to browse through our gallery to witness the full extent of this transformation – a testament to the power of design and the skill of our team at Amble & Awe Interiors.

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