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Our Services and Process

"Our design philosophy is deeply rooted in a holistic approach. By immersing ourselves in a profound journey of discovery with each client, we curate experiences that are unmistakably tailored for you. In our collaborative embrace, we strive for more than just aesthetics; we envision spaces that resonate, comfort, and epitomize your essence. With Amble & Awe Interiors, find a haven that's uniquely yours.

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Here's how it works

Our Design Process: Elegantly Simple, Deliberately Distinctive.

At Amble & Awe Interiors, we believe the essence of exquisite design is rooted in collaboration.


Our streamlined process, adaptable to the nuances of each service, ensures we unite vision and expertise to craft spaces that captivate and inspire.


Upload your photos and measurements to immerse us in your space. For a deeper dive, complete our design questionnaire to articulate your vision.


Discuss your design challenges and desired aesthetics. Together, we'll exchange ideas and refine mood boards to capture your vision.


We transform your vision into reality with vivid 3D renderings, intuitive floor plans, and handpicked shopping lists tailored just for you.


Select your favorites from a curated, clickable 'Design List' – a seamless, all-in-one destination for your design aspirations.

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Our packages are meticulously tailored to meet diverse design aspirations. Beyond mere efficiency or style, we offer homeowners a co-creative expedition towards their dream abode. Your vision, fused with our expertise and innovation, paves the way for spaces where you don't just live; you flourish.

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Full Design Project

Our signature offering, the Full Design Project, is a favorite among clients who desire an immersive design transformation. Whether you're grappling with a particular design challenge or seeking a fresh perspective, this comprehensive service is adaptable to your unique needs. Dive deep into our array of offerings or handpick services à la carte:

  • Strategic floor plans, even encompassing minor construction adjustments

  • Vivid 3D renderings to visualize your space

  • Expert guidance on finishes - from tiles, lighting, and fixtures to flooring and paint colors. Plus, accompany us to local vendors for hands-on selection and purchasing.

  • A meticulously curated 'Designed' collection encompassing furniture, décor, and accessories.

Throughout the journey, lean on us for placement advice and finishing touches, ensuring your space is the realization of your dreams

Starting at $110 p/hr
+furnishings * requires 3-hour retainer

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Complete Kitchen Design

Kitchen design is an art and science of understanding your desires, aspirations, and practical needs, and then weaving them into a cohesive layout. It extends beyond merely positioning cabinets; it's about curating a space that reflects your persona and lifestyle. Every element, from the expanse of countertops to the intricacies of storage, even to the subtle drama of the perfect backsplash, has a story to tell. Let us be your compass, simplifying complexities and guiding every pivotal choice.

Our bespoke service encapsulates:

  • In-depth consultations spanning multiple sessions to fine-tune your vision.

  • Detailed renderings and 2D floorplans, showcasing cabinet layouts coupled with precise measurements, ready for builders and material procurements. Unique to our service, these designs remain yours to cherish and utilize.

  • Personalized guidance in finalizing finishes. Walk with us as we visit vendors, ensuring every tile or countertop resonates with your taste.

  • A curated list of seasoned contractors, allowing you the liberty to engage directly for a seamless execution.

Even as your dream kitchen takes shape, count on us. From mid-project insights to the finishing flourishes, we're by your side, ensuring the final rendition is the kitchen you've always dreamt of.

Starting at $150 p/hr 

*requires 5 hour retainer

kitchen remodeling

'DESIGNED' Store Curated Collection

Seeking a touch of expert guidance without the full design overhaul? Our furniture selection service is tailored just for you. We curate exquisite furnishings from our premium home store, offering you an exclusive link to effortlessly shop your revamped room. To ensure clarity, we might pair this link with a strategic floor plan, detailing placement. From furniture to rugs, lighting, and accent pieces, our design encompasses it all. Your role? Simply click, order, and arrange upon arrival to witness your transformed space.

Starting at $400 p/room

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Complete Design Experience

The 'Complete Design Experience', as its title suggests, epitomizes our all-encompassing approach, crafted for clients seeking depth and detail with minimal personal oversight. Drawing inspiration from our initial dialogue, we crystallize your vision into a tangible design blueprint. Once greenlit, we take the reins, collaborating seamlessly with the general contractor of your choice. From curating unique pieces to refining the final aesthetic touches, we ensure everything aligns with your dream. Though you remain at the heart of decisions, your daily life flows uninterrupted, save for our periodic progress updates.

The finale: A harmonious fusion of elegance and functionality, your revitalized space awaits, echoing both our dedication and your deepest desires.

Starting at $130 p/hr

*requires 3 hour retainer

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