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Janell Bartlett

Owner & Principal Designer


Since 2013, Janell has transformed spaces, starting with friends and family and then helming her own kitchen and bathroom remodeling firm from 2015-2018. With the inception of Amble & Awe Interiors in 2020, she honed her focus on Interior and Kitchen Design, merging passion with profession.

Boasting a Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification, Janell deftly navigates both residential and commercial renovations, ensuring precision at every stage. Her extensive education in interior design, paired with hands-on courses in decoration, empowers her to craft spaces that are not just beautiful but also functional and safe. She seamlessly integrates colors, textures, furniture, and lighting, ensuring each element resonates with her clients' aspirations.

Janell’s unique blend of architectural appreciation and design acumen promises a design journey that's both personalized and unparalleled.

Janell Bartlett
Owner & Principal Designer

Shadow on Concrete Wall

"My design philosophy is based on neutral and classic furniture pieces layered with textured and simple accessories so as tastes change, the space only requires a small update. 


I believe every room should have a statement piece whether it's a family heirloom or an interesting antique rug. I love bringing in coordinated looks that showcase the character of older homes and client's own belongings. 


I strive to provide my clients the peaceful space they need to be their best self."

--Janell Bartlett

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