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5 Ways to Incorporate Nature into Home Design: Embracing Colorado Springs' Natural Beauty

Colorado Springs Decor

Nestled at the eastern foot of the Rockies, Colorado Springs offers an ever-present backdrop of nature’s grandeur. For homeowners in this picturesque re

gion, integrating this natural beauty into the very heart of their home design can transform living spaces into serene sanctuaries. Here's how you can seamlessly weave the outside in and make nature a part of your daily living:

1. Use of Native Stones

Local Stones as Centerpieces: From granite to limestone, Colorado is rich in natural stones that can be incorporated in various ways. A local stone fireplace can become the heart of a living room, radiating warmth and rustic charm. Stone Accents: Stone countertops, backsplashes, or wall accents can lend an earthy touch and texture variance.

These natural stone decor items such as these from Amazon are great examples of bringing in nature without a large remodeling project:

Nature Inspired Decor

Natural stone decor

2. Embracing Local Woods

Reclaimed Timber: Reclaimed wood from old barns or fallen trees in the area can be repurposed into stunning furniture pieces, beams, or accent walls.

Colorado woods in design

Colorado Woods: Pine, spruce, and fir trees are native to Colorado and offer durability and aesthetic appeal when crafted into furniture or used for flooring.

This beautiful natural wood bowl from Birch Lane is a great example:

3. Infusing Spaces with Plants

Indigenous Plants: Incorporate local plants like Blue Grama grass or Rocky Mountain Columbine. They not only resonate with the local ecology but also require less maintenance.

local plants in interior

Vertical Gardens: If space is at a premium, vertical gardens can be a great way to introduce greenery. They purify th

e air and serve as living art pieces. Terrariums & Plant Displays: A well-placed terrarium on a coffee table or a series of hanging planters can bring vi

tality to any room.

You can purchase great little starter plants sets from your local nersery or even delivered from Amazon

4. Maximizing Natural Light

Expansive Windows: Large windows or floor-to-ceiling glass doors can make the landscape outside an integral part of your interior decor, changing with the seasons. Skylights: Introduce more light and a slice of the sky with strategically placed skylights.

5. Nature-inspired Decor

Textiles & Prints: Cushions, rugs, or wall art inspired by Colorado's flora and fauna can subtly enhance the nature vibe. Natural Elements: Think of decor items like pinecone centerpieces, dried flower arrangements, or stone bowls.

6. Water Features Indoor Fountains: The soothing sound of flowing water can provide tranquility and introduce a natural element. Fish Tanks & Aquariums: A well-maintained aquarium can be a focal point, bringing movement and life into a space.

In Conclusion

Colorado Springs, with its panoramic landscapes and diverse natural elements, offers boundless inspiration. By incorporating these elements, homeowners can craft interiors that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also forge a deep connection with the environment. Remember, nature doesn't rush, yet everything gets accomplished. So, take a leaf out of nature's book, and let it gently seep into your home design, one stone, plant, or wood piece at a time.

Looking for tailored advice on introducing nature into your home? Reach out to Amble & Awe Interiors, and let's design a home that resonates with the timeless beauty of Colorado Springs.


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