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How to Achieve a Modern Boho Living Area

I absolutely love the resurgence of boho....but I personally think it can go too far into the trendy realm. The key is to start a space with modern and neutral backbone items and bring in some inexpensive accessories and other items that are easier to change when the trends come and go. This is a secret of interior designers!

This decor and design style is absolutely great for Colorado Springs. It brings in the natural colors of our outdoors as well as provide great contrast between the light neutrals, bright leathers, and dark accents. It also provides a scheme for people to bring in heirloom pieces and items that might not be expected and allows people to branch in and out of styles without feeling too constricted.

However, it can go too far in having a feeling of unorganization and randomness. The key is keeping within the same color schedule and only bringing in one of two unexpected pieces.

Phtoto Credit: Pinterest; Author unknown

The above space is a great example of a boho space that is still constructed and purposeful. And even better, this space is quite easy to replicate by bringing in some accessories and items to give the boho and natural feel. However, none of these pieces are so pricey that you'll feel guilty donating it or moving it to another area when/if your style changes. And even even better, I was able to find all of these pieces on Amazon!

Here's some inspiration on how to bring in a modern boho feel to your living space:

We love to bring together spaces. If you have a picture or a style you love and would like to match, reach out to us for a consult.

Happy Decorating!


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