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Function, Form, and Future Forward in Home Decorating

In many ways, it has been the “Year of the Home”. It’s a very important place to be—not only as a place to live, but to work, to play, to educate and entertain. Carving work spaces and classrooms from unlikely places was no easy task. But as we embraced these challenges, we also embraced our homes in a new way. We came to know them as so much more than a street address, and the time to lavish our attention on them was long overdue.

Calm Amid Chaos

The scales of work-life balance have been totally tipped over for many of us. The ‘productivity zone’ has to co-exist with the high energy zones of everyday life. But the two don’t have to clash. They can transition from one to the other and find a new kind of balance; complement rather than compete.

Commercial interiors use colors and furnishings that foster calm and concentration, but at home, your personality has a chance to shine through. Home offices are becoming a standard, so it’s logical to make them fit you, rather than your cubicle. Add artwork or colors that appeal to you! A home workspace can be inviting and inspiring as well as functional. Blend sleek with texture, cold with warm. Free standing desks with woodgrain tops can pair with chrome or anodized metal legs. Sit-stand and adjustable height desks are compact and ergonomic. Take advantage of wall space for shelving and storage. Converted closets and pantries become hide-a-way offices that disappear once the doors are closed. Your imagination can have free rein, but the one non-negotiable item for any good workspace is a comfy, quality office chair.

(ask me where to get any of the items in the picture above--many are very affordable!)

Kitchens that Kick Butt!

As many of us began to cook more at home, kitchens have been asked to step up. Upgrades to chef-worthy tools and prep areas are a good investment, as kitchens rank high in determining the value of your home. Functionality is key. The “triangle” between sink, stove and refrigerator is still a good rule of thumb, but increased counter top area, storage space and seating are in demand. Today’s kitchens favor large islands topped with beautiful and durable materials, and house acres of built-in storage. Greys, greens and blues are adding personality to cabinet fronts, with upper and lower cabinets sometimes sporting different colors. Wood cabinets haven’t gone away, but are showing up in paler tones, with flat fronts for seamless, minimalist looks. Great kitchens are open-plan friendly, offering clear sight lines to adjoining zones of the house.

(don't mean to brag but -- this is my kitchen! I can do the same for yours, contact me!!!)

On-Demand Movie Theaters

Spaces in which to live and work are paramount, but let’s not forget places to play! Media rooms and home theaters are our go-to places for watching TV, listening to music, doing homework and more. Technology has never been more accessible and people have embraced it with gusto. Online learning, virtual meetings, streaming video and home workouts have made a multi-use media space a natural addition to home design. The availability of premium on-demand video (dubbed PVOD) has brought the theater experience home and is a trend that’s most likely here to stay. The design of large screen 4K TVs, as well as laser and 3D projector systems are much less intrusive than their predecessors, and lets face it, are pretty darn cool!

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