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5 Best Decorating Steals for Colorado Springs from Amazon - Sept

Who doesn't love finding good things on Amazon? Right? We love Amazon because it not only gives a ton of options but is fun to treasure hunt. But if you don't have the time to treasure hunt for the perfect decorating idea, here's some our home interior design firm found for this month. Tailored and specific to the Colorado Springs, Colorado style! These are great to just freshen up the space or inspire a whole new decorating scheme. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.

1. Rustic Old Farmwood Box. Isn't this adorable? Would be great for a dining room centerpiece filled with succulents, candles, or pine cones to bring in the Christmas spirit --- yep, thinking about Christmas in Sept!

2. Faux Leather and Cotton Decorative Throw Pillow. The boho trend is real! But these pillows aren't just for the boho style. They are great for our Colorado Springs modern desert decor, lodge, and farmhouse just for a few. They come in a pack of two too!

3. Textured Throw Blanket. As the weather cools in Colorado, the mornings are brisk, the days are warm, and the nights are perfect for snuggling with a comfy throw blanket. We just love the texture of this blue throw. The blue is interesting and works with some many different colors schemes. We just love everything about this blanket!

4. Jute Pouf Ottoman. You never know when you'll need more seating. This pouf can be used for so many things including extra seating, side table, foot rest, and even a great cat bed (just ask Amble & Awe's Owner's cat, Charlie). We love the color and feel of this pouf. Not just to bring in the natural look and feel of jute but the durability and stain resistance. Great for families (whether they be furry or not!)

5. Faux Fiddle Fig Plant. Last but not least, bring some green indoors -- without having to feel guilty about not watering it. We love faux plants for spare bedrooms and offices and we love how realistic this one looks. We recommend a woven basket for the pot. There's some great options out there or check back with us, we might have just a full blog post on woven baskets!

Final thoughts, don't feel like you need to spend your whole paycheck on accessories for your home. Amazon has some great ones at very affordable prices. We hope we've provided you with some great inspiration. If you like our blogs, please consider subscribing. If you like our design ideas and think we could be a good fit for your home, give us a call for a consult.


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