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Intentional Design for Intentional Living

Our packages are carefully-crafted to serve a wide variety of unique design needs, goals, and challenges. What we offer homeowners is more than efficiency or a particular aesthetic; it's a truly collaborative journey to your ideal home. We take your vision and apply our time, expertise, and creativity to curate a space where you thrive.

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** Our most popular service ** If you have a specific design dilemma or your space just needs a fresh set of eyes, you might not need a full design project. As part of our broad range of full-service interior design offers, you can request all the following services or choose some ala carte to fit your requirements:
* Floor plan and 3D rendering
* Project management that includes budget tracking, procurement, and order tracking
* Finish selection
* Furniture, Art, and Accessory selection
* Organizational and Lifestyle planning
* Custom furnishing and millwork options

We will provide you with a list of recommended contractors for you to contract with directly for installation.  We will always be available for assistance with placement and any final touches to ensure the space is exactly what you envisioned.  

Starting at $110 p/hr
+furnishings (if selected)



Kitchen design is about capturing your needs, loves, and passions, and translating them into a design -- it much more complicated than just dropping cabinets onto a floorplan! Your kitchen should make you smile while being functional and fit you like a glove. Those objectives impact every decision from counter space to optimizing storage to choosing the perfect backsplash.  We're here to be your guide, make the choices bite-sized and help you with every decision. 


This service is very comprehensive and will include multiple meetings for design consultation, renderings, moodboards, as well as cabinet layouts and 2D floorplans for builders and material purchases.  We also can provide assistance with selecting materials which means we will travel to local vendors with you. When it comes to building it, were here to help get it done with quality. We will provide you with a list of recommended contractors for you to contract with directly.  We will always be available for assistance during the installation as well as for any final touches to ensure the space is exactly what you envisioned.  

Starting at $150 p/hr

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If you don't feel like you need a full service design plan, but would like help picking out furniture for your space, this service is for you. Based on measurements that you send us, we will pick furnishing from our home store, and provide you with a unique link to shop your room! This link will be accompanied by a Mood Board, to show you how each of the pieces will work together in the space, and a floor plan to show you where it goes. We will include furniture, rugs, lighting, and accessories in our plan. All you have to do is click order, and set it up when it arrives!

Starting at $400 p/room
+furnishing (if selected)

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As the name would imply, this is our most comprehensive package and requires the least involvement from our clients. We take what we learn from our initial consultation and use it to create a design concept. Once approved, we handle every aspect of the execution from managing subcontractors to sourcing to final styling. We provide frequent progress updates, but on the whole, you are able to focus on your daily life with little interruption. At the end, we are able to welcome you home to your new space that is equal parts comfortable, beautiful, and functional. 

Starting at $130 p/hr
+furnishing (if selected)

Here's how it works

Our Design Process is 6 Easy Steps

At Amble & Awe Interiors, we find the key to a successful design is teamwork.


Our process is simple and these steps apply to all of our services (more comprehensive or less depending on the service)

Step 2: Information Gathering

We'll ask you to complete questionnaire(s) to assist in understanding what feeling you would like the space to reflect, what colors, styles you prefer and which you would like to stay away from. During this phase we discuss any ideas and thoughts you may have and evaluate any photos you may have collected that demonstrate what you envision. This step is very important to ensure we are communicating and building a solid understanding of your style desires.


Step 3: Inspiration Collaboration

In this phase we'll begin to collaborate on where you would like to take the space. We'll start collaborative board (normally through Pinterest) where you can start to show us spaces you like and we'll provide spaces of inspirations and colors we think are good fits. This ensures we are on the same page.

Step 4: Design Mood Collaboration

Once you say ‘Yes, this is exactly what we like", we move forward with exact products, accessories, materials, paint colors, etc and provide them to you as a design mood board so you get a feel of what all of the items will look like together.

You'll have the opportunity to tell us what items you like and which ones you don't until we get it just right.

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STEP 5: Design Presentation and Finalize Selections

In this step, we'll provide you with the floorplan(s) of the space and the source list. If you would like to purchase any or all of the items on the source list, this is your chance as many of the items are well below retail. But there is no pressure to purchase anything, you can just use it for inspiration and purchase the items on your own on your own time.

Step 6: Furniture & Material Purchase & Install

This is our final step in our process.  This is where we purchase the materials you have selected. If we are providing design consultation, we can provide you with a referral of any builders, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, and installers. We will always be available for assistance with placement and any final touches to ensure the space is exactly what you envisioned.  If we are providing our full-service design and installation, we will then work with the contractors and installers directly for installation -- you don't have to lift a finger!

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