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Inspired Design

Amble & Awe Interiors is a leading interior and kitchen design firm in Colorado Springs, specializing in contemporary modern aesthetics. We're dedicated to crafting personalized interior and kitchen spaces that blend elegance with functionality.

Simply put, we craft your finest space

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A home isn't just beautiful; it's the start of every story

"Interior design, to me, is the art of enhancing life from the inside out. It's about crafting a serene, stress-free environment that mirrors your essence and aspirations for the space." -- Janell Bartlett, owner/lead designer

Your home should be a sanctuary for personal growth, where authenticity thrives and expression is celebrated

Your home should amplify the life you envision, where stress dissolves and productivity thrives.

Your home is the bedrock for you and your family — a sanctuary of peace and rejuvenation.

Your home isn't just a space; it's a mirror reflecting your aspirations and the essence of who you are and who you aim to be.



Tranquil Retreat: A Bedroom Oasis


Craftsman Revival: A Whole Home Transformation

Master Bathroom Vanity and Shower

Tranquil Retreat: Master Bathroom Elevation


Inviting Ambiance: A Living Room Revival


Rustic Retreat: A Cabin Renewal for Vacation Bliss

912 N. Corona-Small (1 of 8).jpg

Timeless Elegance: Refining Classic Kitchen 

Dining room Main view

Modern Rebirth: Full House Transformation


Sleek Sophistication: A Culinary Oasis Redefined



We were told by so many people to expect the unexpected and prepare for delays as we readied ourselves for our kitchen remodel. The project was finished on time, within budget, and was actually kind of fun. Janell and all her contractors were professional and friendly. The end result was a kitchen that exceeded our expectations.

Working with Janell and her team was simply a pleasure. I had a large scale business project that needed a lot of detailed attention and customization. Janell was able to not only give me the kitchen I had always dreamed of cooking and teaching in, she made it a personal interest that I was happy with all the results. As anyone who has remodeled or built before knows, construction takes more time and money than expected. Janell made this process as smooth as possible.

Doug M

I desperately needed a new home office due to starting to work from home. I had yet to come up with the space. I only had a slight vision of what I wanted, but really needed a professional's help. Janell came in and listened to what my ideas were, took measurements and almost immediately sent me a whole new small office design that spoke to everything I had imagined and more!! She transformed my part of my living room into a functional, organized space where I felt calm and could breathe. Janell is so easy to work with and so creative! She didn't try to push her own agenda or new design trend and listened whole heartedly to what I wanted. Thank you!!

Meredith M

I loved working with Janell and would highly recommend anyone looking for an interior designer who brings creativity but designs something that fits YOU and your style. I had a living room with an awkward layout and Janell created multiple options that made the room feel like an intentional space. I also couldn’t visualize a functional kitchen, so Janell designed a layout that made sense. Her attention to detail and ability to personalize a space are incredible. I can’t recommend her enough. If you’re looking for interior design help... contact Janell!!!

Amanda P

Janell is fabulous to work with! She took her time really listening to what I wanted and needed in the space and came up with two wonderful floor plans for my basement.

B Blandine

Katherine S

At Amble & Awe Interiors, we prioritize client collaboration, ensuring unparalleled standards and your absolute satisfaction.

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